Malay Escort Girl – Subang – Amylea

Malay Escort Girl – Subang – Amylea

I took off my dress and climbed onto the bed as he watched me. He began sucking and licking my pussy, pushing his tongue deep inside of me. The sound of his tongue and his moan making me wetter and wetter. He didn’t stop. Pushing his fingers inside of me, he kept licking and sucking my clit while finger fucking me. This me come over and over and over again.

After that, I licked his balls all the way to the tip, smelling and tasting his precum. I picked up my speed while pushing his cock as far down my throat as I possibly could. As I gagged on his cock, he encouraged me to get messier and sluttier. I licked his cock down to his balls. I sucked on his balls and started to stroke his cock. My tongue getting closer to his asshole. He opened his legs wider, moaned as my tongue touched his asshole. I licked faster, pushing my tongue into him.

After eating my pussy again, he got ready to fuck me. Laying on my back, legs in the air, I watched him push his fat cock into my pussy. He fucked me so hard, making my pussy clench and come over and over again all over his cock. Once in a while he would pull out and let me suck his cock, lick my juice off his cock. In doggy, he pulled my hair, slapped my ass. I rode him, grinding onto his cock, feeling him hit my gspot. I came all over him. He began grunting as I kept riding, he was going to cum. Grabbing me by my big ass, he pulled me off of him as he shot his load all over himself.

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Malay Escort Girl - Subang - Amylea

local freelance Melayu – Amylea

Room & condom provided !!!

Gadis Escort Hot – Subang – Melayu – Diana

Gadis Escort Hot – Subang – Melayu – Diana

I knocked the door and there she was, waiting me with a black lingerie already. Once I came in and she closed the door behind us. She started to kiss me pulling me to the bedroom and rubbing my cock from outside of my pants. I kissed her back feeling her ass and pulling her hair a bit. I was the first to act, put her on the bed and got her naked kissing every inch of that body. Then, I ate her pussy for as long as I could until she decided to switch places. I laid down, she took my pants off. After that, she started to blow like she wanted to extract every drop of cum I had on me.

Doggy style was great in the first one. But, I wanted to experience another position and asked her to spread her legs to me. We fucked missionary for some time at first, and then we switch positions so she could ride me a bit (btw, the way that she moves and the sound of her moans is outstanding, this would made the deal worth every dime).

After we both got tired, she bent over in the bed and started to give me head again. I could not wait more and told her I was about to cum. For my surprise, she just deepthroated me once again, looking at me. She then continued sucking my dick allowing me to cum inside her mouth which I did and was the best orgasm of my life so far. She got closer to me, swallowed it all and then opened her mouth and put her tongue out for me to see that my warm cum was all gone on her.

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Gadis Escort Hot - Subang - Melayu - Diana

local Malay escort – Diana

Name : Diana
County : Local Malay
Age : 25
Body : 36D 24 36
Height : 162cm
Weight : 50kg

– RM400 (1shot within 45 minutes)
– RM800 (2shot FULL 1hours30min)

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– 电话 +6018-2417139 11:00 – 04:00