Subang Escort – Melayu – Ifa

Subang Escort – Melayu – Ifa

She was a master in art of licking and making a man starve for more. She lifted my meatballs, using her fingers to move her tongue in small circles, licking the meatballs’ delicate skin. I could do nothing except just close my eyes and moan. She literally toyed with my dick and balls. She started to suck my meatballs, gently taking them into her mouth. Soon, she kept rolling her tongue all over. Occasionally gobbling my balls in her mouth, and kept licking them one by one.

She now took a firm hold of my dick and started to suck in in steady sucks. She kept pushing it in and out of her mouth. I stood there, trying to hold back my imminent release. She firmed her hold and now sucked my dick with much more vigor and passion. Saliva dripping out of her mouth as she kept holding it in her mouth. It was so intense that I started to moan loudly.

My body firmed, the blood of my whole body gushed to my dick as I turned red and froze. She anticipated it perfectly and pulled it out from her mouth. She shook my dick vigorously in her hands. In no time, a blasted a huge load of juice on her face. It slowly tickled down to her boobs. She kept moving my dick in her hands till she could squeeze out the last drop of my juices.

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Subang Escort - Melayu - Ifa

local freelance Malay – Ifa

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