Local Malay Escort – Subang – Yara

Local Malay Escort – Subang – Yara

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Local Malay Escort - Subang - Yara

local Malay escort – Yara

Name 名字: Yara
Age 年龄: 25
Height 身高: 158cm
Weight 体重: 42kg
Body 三围: 36D 24 34
Country国籍: Local Malay 本地马来人
Service 服务: B2B BBBJ FJ DATY 69

Packages 配套:
– RM400 (1shot within 45 minutes)
– RM800 (2shot within 90 minutes)

如何预约?- 在线预约 CLICK BOOKING
– 电话 +6018-2417139 12:00pm – 12:00am