Local Freelance – Chinese – Joe

Local Freelance – Chinese – Joe

If you want to catch a man’s heart, you must first catch the man’s stomach.This sentence is outdated! Now it should be to catch a man, first catch her GG. Girls, don’t be left with the ignorance and superficiality of oral sex is dirty and nasty provided that GG is clean, You need to know that oral sex skills are good, and there is no trouble in life.There is no man who doesn’t like oral sex. When he is ecstatic, you will automatically become so wet. This is the perfect foreplay.Oral sex skills are not difficult to say, but it is not easy, and besides experience, you also need to learn beforehand. After learning the following four oral sex skills, your man’s groaning sound is even worse than yours.Many girls don’t understand the importance of testicles, this egg can be described as a nirvana for him to shoot. Only need to rub lightly with his hands, then change the intensity and frequency according to his reaction, combined with simple oral sex, and finally hold the testicles gently, enough to make him shoot immediately.This is also the legendary deep throat stunt. Hold GG deeply into your mouth and push it up with your tongue to help prevent vomiting caused by the little turtle head touching the deep throat.Then lick the underside of GG with your tongue.Please call 018-241 7139 for booking Local Freelance – Chinese – Joe

Local Freelance - Chinese - Joe

Part time freelance girl

Name : Joe
County : Local Chinese
Age : 22
Body : 34c 24 34
Height : 164cm
Weight : 43kg

Incall Package 1 : RM420 (1shot within 45 minutes)
Incall Package 2 : RM840 (2shot FULL 2 hours)

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– 电话 +6018-2417139 11:00AM – 04:00AM