Local Chinese Escort – Subang – Eunice

Local Chinese Escort – Subang – Eunice

He started kissing me on the lips with our tongues exchanging saliva. Then, he made me face the wall and started kissing me from behind. He held me in that position and started unzipping my dress from behind. I was wearing a red-colored push-up bra and lacy red-colored panties. He unhooked my bra and rendered me topless. He twirled me around and started sucking my boob while mauling the other with his hand. I began moaning. All this while, I was constantly pushing his mouth more into my boobs. As soon as he stopped ravaging my tits and started smooching me, I knew it was my turn to return the pleasure. In the same position, I removed his tee and started kissing his neck. He picked me up and placed me on bed. Then removed my dress completely from my legs.

He also removed his denim, and I could see a huge tent in his underwear. I laid on him on the bed and started kissing his arms. I then began kissing his shoulders, chest, and nipples to arouse him further. After that, I pulled his underwear down, and a dick that seemed quite long and thick sprung up. I began to lick his dick with my tongue. He kept on setting my hair so that he could see his dick entering my mouth. I was gently swallowing his dick and smothering it with my tongue. I lubricated the shaft with my saliva and even gave his balls a taste of my mouth. He was moaning while pressing my mouth over his dick so that his penis could get deep inside my throat. He started thrusting my mouth with his dick while tightly holding my head.

Soon, he couldn’t take it anymore and he came on top of me. He removed and threw my lacy panties in one of the corners of the room. After that, he swiftly moved his mouth towards my clean shaved pussy and started licking my vagina with his tongue. He held my thighs with his hands and kept on licking my clitoris very fast. I was moaning at the top of my voice, and my pussy was wet as hell. He soon fingered me by first inserting the middle finger in my pussy while simultaneously licking and gently biting my clitoris. My entire body shaking with excitement as I raised my hips in one final loud moan. I cummed hard on his face.

After some time, he came on top of me and positioned his penis at the entrance of my vagina. In one shot, he pushed his penis deep inside my vagina. While fucking my vagina, he constantly biting and licking and sucking my boobs. After a few minutes, he changed the sex position. He made me lie down on my belly on the bed and came on top of me. He thrust his penis inside my vagina from behind. I started moaning loudly. Suddenly, he further increased his speed and it felt to me as if he was about to cum. This time I wanted us to cum together. In a bid to do that, I also started providing additional pelvic thrusts from my end as I moaned even louder. He let out a loud shriek as he dropped his sperms deep inside my vagina.

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Local Chinese Escort - Subang - Eunice

local Chinese escort – Eunice

Name 名字: Eunice
Age 年龄: 20
Height 身高: 165cm
Weight 体重: 47kg
Body 三围: 34C 24 34
Country国籍: Local Chinese 本地华人
Service 服务: B2B BBBJ FJ DATY 69

Incall Package 1 : RM370 (1shot within 45 minutes)
Incall Package 2 : RM740 (2shot FULL 2 hours)

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– 电话 +6018-2417139 11:00 – 04:00